Cacti, Thorns and Blossoms, Işık Şerifsoy, E-KİTAP
Işık Şerifsoy, an experienced businesswoman and business coach, presents a sincere and elaborate roadmap for “bossess” in her first book Cacti, Thorns and Blossoms.
Through the eyes of a coach, an employee and an executive, Cacti, Thorns and Blossoms gives executive teams aiming to turn employee potential into performance, a chance to think and analyze the big picture and their place in it.
The metaphor of the cactus famous for its thorns and resilience brings attention to what you can accomplish and how you can blossom despite your thorns when you actualize a few HUMAN-oriented solutions.
If you are looking for a source of information with a few thorns — excuses, reasons, delays, learned despairs — and plenty of blossoms — productivity, happy employees, high performance and profit — we invite you to our first page.
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